Don’t Lie to Super Jury Consultant Susan Constantine

Orlando, FLDon’t lie to Susan Constantine because she will almost certainly call you out.

. By Brenda Craig

Don’t Lie to Super Jury Consultant Susan ConstantineConstantine has been sorting through witness testimony at criminal trials, class action suits and personal injury cases using her expertise as a “forensic behavioral expert” to detect deceptive statements since 2005.

“With good investigative or interrogative skills you can determine whether someone is lying with an 80 to 95 percent degree of certainty,” says Constantine.

She works with attorneys who are preparing to go to trial and she works with attorneys during trials helping them understand which witnesses are telling the truth and which ones aren’t. She’s been involved in a number of very famous trials such as the Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, Jerry Sandusky trials and many, many more.

Constantine uses a variety of tools and techniques to study body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, witness statements and testimony transcripts looking for signs of deceptive language – everything from verb tense to the blink of an eye to subtle gestures and word choices that might reveal untruthfulness.

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