The Jury Lab, LLC Has Partnered With Affectiva Emotion AI to Bring the Legal Community Game-Changing Technology

ORLANDO, Fla.April 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Susan Constantine, MPsy, author and founder of Silent Messages LLC, is announcing the launch of her new business, Jury Lab, LLC. The new company has partnered with Wild Blue Technology and Affectiva Emotion AI, a company that brings artificial intelligence to life with emotion recognition technology. Jury Lab is a patent-pending emotion response software service that provides the legal community break-through technology to enhance the proven sciences of emotion recognition, body language reading, and deception detection.

“Jury Lab’s technology is designed to identify unintended and unexpected jury responses and provide the opportunity to dig deeper in order to refine and perfect the argument prior to trial to increase the chances of a favorable outcome,” explains Constantine. “Through analysis of the facial expressions of up to 12 mock jurors, legal teams are able to test arguments and key points of evidence to gain greater clarity and certainty, which can translate into smarter settlements, adjustments in case strategy, and improved chances of victory.”



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