The Jury Lab, LLC Has Received a Utility Patent for Its Emotion Response Software

Powered by an expansive collection of millions of facial response data points, Jury Lab takes the science of emotion recognition technology to the legal field and beyond.

Orlando, Florida – Human behavior expert, Susan Constantine, CEO of Jury Lab, LLC, has just received a utility patent for her emotion response software. This new software uses artificial intelligence to provide the legal, business, and media community break-through technology to enhance the proven sciences of emotion recognition, body language reading, and deception detection. Originally created to help the legal system better understand jury responses in a mock jury setting, the technology has limitless applications outside of the legal field.

The software can read people’s emotions with 97 percent accuracy. Jury Lab is powered by an expansive collection of millions of facial response data points. Through analysis of up to 12 participants (mock jurors in a legal setting), the software captures in real time the microexpressions people have to the information presented, tapping into their subconscious emotions and then more effectively analyzing their responses. Utilizing Jury Lab at mock trial settings, attorneys can increase the accuracy of reading emotional response by a staggering 95 percent.

“We are excited to have received our utility patent for this break-through technology, which has so many applications in the legal and business fields,” says Constantine. “Through analysis of the facial expressions of up to 12 mock jurors, legal teams are able to test arguments and key points of evidence to gain greater clarity and certainty, which can translate into smarter settlements, adjustments in case strategy, and improved chances of victory.”

Constantine has become the leading expert in reading facial expressions of emotions in the legal community. She has more than 12 years of experience analyzing jurors, witnesses, and suspects in high profile cases. In addition, Constantine has been consulted as the human behavior expert for some of the world’s most noteworthy trials including Amanda Knox, Michael Jackson, George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, Jerry Sandusky, Bill Cosby, and hundreds of others.

Constantine has trained the FBI and Homeland Security agents, the Department of Defense Inspector General, the Federal Court Judicial Law judges, and attorneys in hundreds of private law firms. She is a sought-after expert for the media and in the legal field.

Jury Lab emotion response software is available as a turn-key kit, through licensing or consultative services, for on-site mock trial or focus group analysis. For more information and to learn how the technology works, visit


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